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Pharmacist, being a member of the health care profession, having been entrusted with the faith of the nation's citizens land while observing the constitution and all the laws and ordinances of the nation, shall bear the obligation to preserve and promote the most essential of all human rights : good health and life. At the foundation of this obligation lies, not only the code of ethics born out of reverence for life itself, but, moreover, the code of ethical pharmacy that is required in each and every step from the creation and preparation of the correct usage of medicines. In order to guide the pharmacist, as they reply to the national trust, in fulfilling their professional duties and in making contributions to the progress of medical service and public health and welfare, we hereby establish the following Code of Ethics


1. A pharmacist, in accordance with the basic principles of preserving and respecting the dignity of individuals and reverence for life itself, shall in fulfilling their obligation to sustain and contribute to a healthy human life, strive to contribute to the progress in and the promotion of public health and welfare in all areas of pharmaceutics from the preparation to distribution and use of drugs and medicines.

2. A pharmacist, shall always remain autonomous and free from influence and carry out all professional duties with a sense of conscience and compassion.

3. A pharmacist, shall be familiar with and obey all statutes of law pertaining to their professional duties including all pharmaceutical, medical and health insurance law, as well as any other applicable law.

4. A pharmacist, maintain high standard of knowledge and skill through out their lifetime, always remembering to pass on the achievements of their predecessors and taking care to nurture their successors.

5. A pharmacist, being a member of the health care profession, shall always cooperate fully with fellow pharmacists, as well as, with other members of the medical profession in doing their best to work for the benefit of the patient in all areas of medicine, public health and welfare.

6. A pharmacist, shall always endeavor to maintain and assure the quality effectiveness, and safety of medications. They shall always explain sufficiently to patients and others about the correct and proper preparation and use of drugs and medicines.

7. A pharmacist, shall take a leading role in the promotion of policies for the purpose of promoting the public health.

8. A pharmacist, shall through cooperation with other pharmacists and other professionals from all works of life, work towards making contributions to society at large.

9. A pharmacist, shall not without just and fair cause, disclose any information about patients or otherwise which was obtained in the course of performing their professional duties.

10. A pharmacist while carrying out professional duties, shall never disregard the faith placed in them, shall never act in any such way that would result in the loss of that trust or respect; nor shall they ever take any action which would result in the improper use of abuse of drugs or medicines.

*The original Japanese code appeared in Journal of the Japan Pharmaceutical Association,49(12),47-48, 1997