Pharmacist Day

8th AGM


Upcoming Program

9th AGM

Pharmacist Day 2015


(a) To edit and publish journals, magazine, bulletin, newsletter, booklet, etc. for the promotion and promulgation of pharmaceutical sciences.

(b) To organize national and international symposium, meetings, seminars, talk programs, or lectures and promulgate achievement and discovery of research and to send representatives in national and international conference and symposium of pharmacists.

(c) To conduct trainings and researches related to the pharmaceuticals sciences.

(d) To acquire fixed and current assets, to use the same for the purpose of the Association, to appoint employees as per necessity, to hold banking transactions and to perform other works that may be performed by a body corporate.

(e) To conduct social programs like blood donation and regular gatherings.

(f) To actively participate in the activities of Nepal Pharmacy Council, Drug Advisory Committee, Nepal Government.

(g) To safeguard professional interest.

(h) To perform other activities as may be ancillary for the accomplishment of the objectives of the Association.