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8th AGM


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Pharmacy Day

8th Annual General Meeting

7th August, 2004(23 Sharwan 2061)

Report of General Secretary

Respected Chairperson, Fellow Pharmacists, Ladies and Gentleman

With the consent of all i would like to highlight on past year activities of GPAN on this auspicious occasion. There has been substantial ups and down during this year.

Resignation of Phr. Bharat Bhattarai from the dignified post of president and even from the life membership was a shocking phenomenon for all of us. We spent a considerable amount of time in different informal discussions with members and formal discussion with executive and advisory commitee before finally deciding to accept the resignation. We would like to give due regards to Mr. Bharat Bhattarai for his leadership during his presidency. The vice president has taken the post as acting president from then onwards.

Mr. Bhusan Shrestha had also given the resignation from his executive member post, as he was to leave for his further studies. we wish him success. This post is now vacant./p>

Although all these interrelated activities had created a setback in our professional activities, we have been able to gather up with your support and encouragement. We have been able to put some efforts to continue our regular activities.

With regular efforts and updates to the extend possible, we have brought out yet another GPAN Diary 2061. We hope that this diary has been useful at your end and hope to receive comments and suggestions for improvement. We would like to thank Deurali-Janta Pharmaceuticals for the continuous support given to bring out this diary from its inception.

GPAN organized a talk program on 4 June 2004. Prof. R N Shah (Dean, School of pharmacy, BITS, Pilani) presented the topic on "Recent advancement in Novel Drug Delivery System". In our first session , we had also included 4 Talk programs on the various field of pharmacy and the opportunities. We have resumed issuing membership card for various membership types from this year onward. We had anticipated in carrying out Get-together and Welcome program (GWP), but due to some technical reason it had to be postponed. we have a warm welcome program for the new pharmacists as a part of this AGM.

We have proposed some professional activities and we do expect your continued constructive inputs and participation.

Regarding the celebration of pharmacy Day, we have decided to seek suggestions for one day that marks the professional development of pharmacists. we are hopeful that this day will add to our societal contribution and establishment.

We have completed the initial phase of presenting GPAN in the world wide web. This accessibility tool is expected to minimize the communication gap among members and the executive committee. We would like to explore the possibility of mutual professional activities with foreign pharmacists' association and forum.

in conjunction with APPON, DDA and NPA we would like to conduct various programs relating to pharmaceutical interaction and its development.

we will be continuing with publication of bulletin, newsletters, interaction program and Get-together and Welcome program on regular basis.

Lastly, we would like to express our commitment of extending our future activities on a professional level with your support, regardless of past activities.

Thank You