Pharmacy Day

8th AGM


Upcoming Program

9th AGM

Pharmacy Day

9th Annual General Meeting

11 June, 2005(28 Jestha 2062)

International Club, Sanepa, Kathmandu

Report of General Secretary

Respected Chairperson, Fellow Pharmacists, Ladies and Gentleman With the consent of all I would like to highlight on past year activities of GPAN on this auspicious occasion. During the year there were substantial progresses on activities and had some planned activities on progress.


To highlight the profession of pharmacy to the general public, GPAN exhibited a stall on General Free Health Camp 2005 at Lagan Tole on 8th January 2005 organized by Lagan Khala with Lions club of Kathmandu, Youth Volunteers and Xeno-DHS. The public was curious in knowing what exactly is the profession of the pharmacists? GPAN members were present there to answer their queries. We must come up with general public awareness program in future.


This year the WHO-GMP training program was targeted to the students of various institutes. This change in concept of targeting from the industries to student was a success.

A. We organized "Orientation Training on World Health Organization recommended Good Manufacturing Practices (WHO-GMP)" from 25-26 December 2005 at Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University. There was a overwhelming participants of 31 in number on the training. The opening ceremony was a grand success.

B. We also jointly organized this program with Pokhara University (PU), Pokhara from (2062-1-4 /5 (17-18 April 2005)) at Pokhara. There were 30 student participants. We would like to appreciate the enthusiasm and involvement shown by Pokhara University to manage this program smoothly. With great positive reception on this program, we have agreed to conduct the very program next year also.

On this occasion, I would like to thank all the resources persons, Coordinator- Phr. Jaya Bir Karmacharya, GPAN members and all others who brought these programs to success.


A Special General Meeting was organized at Department of Drug Administration on 24 Baishak 2062 BS (7 May 2005) to present the finding of the investigation committee formed on the 8th AGM. The report was presented by Phr. Jaya Bir Karmacharya with the consent of Phr. Dr. Madan Das Tuladhar coordinator of the committee.


With correspondence with international/national associations, Nepal Pharmacy Council and fellow GPAN members, we are now in a process of celebrating the Pharmacy day. We believe that this function will help in disseminating information about profession of pharmacy to the general public. It will ensure pharmacy profession as an integral part of health care system in Nepal, on a long run. With this Nobel cause we are planning on celebrating the pharmacy day on September 24 every year, which is the day of establishment of Nepal Pharmacy Council. We also have the consent from Nepal Pharmacy Council on 2062/2/17BS. WORLD WIDE WEB

With rigorous efforts, we have been able to have our information on the World Wide Web. Now, we can now download the membership form and have the information on our upcoming activities along with other relevant information. Url:

We have been able to continue some of our regular activities.


Though we are two months late, we have tried to update the information on the diary and have brought you with yet another GPAN Diary 2062. We hope that you were waiting for this diary enthusiastically. We anticipate to receive comments and suggestions for improvement. We would like to thank Pokhara University and Deurali-Janta Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. for their support given to bring out this Diary. At present, there are 138 Life-members, 116 Ordinary Members 17 Associate Members with the total of 271 Members


We had planned to organize a Get-together and Welcome program (GWP) that had been on long demand but due to some technical problem we could not organized it.


We have proposed some professional activities and we do expect your new constructive ideas and your active participation.


We would like to explore the possibility of mutual professional activities with foreign pharmacists' association and forum. In conjunction with APPON, DDA and NPA we can conduct various programs relating to pharmaceutical profession.


The talk program we conduct at various period can be made regular by introducing the Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) program on a regular weekly interval by our own expertise in different fields to have a professional interaction and development. We can also accommodate foreign experts from time to time during our CPE program.


We will explore the possibility of targeting the industrial pharmacist on WHO-GMP aspects with problem solving methodologies to have a better outcome from the training.

We will continue with the WHO-GMP Training program in Pokhara University and like wise in Kathmandu University and Institute of Medicine targeting the students of these institutes.


We will be continuing with publication of bulletin, GPAN Diary 2063, newsletters, interaction program and Get together and welcome program on regular basis.

Lastly, we would like to express that your commitment shown during these years will further strengthen in the days ahead.

Thank you.