Unless the context or subject otherwise required, in this Statue:

a) "Association" shall mean Graduate Pharmacists' Association, Nepal and it shall also mean "GPAN" in abbreviation.

(b) "Member" shall mean the Members as specified in Section 7.

(c) "General Meeting" shall mean the General Meeting as specified in Section 21 of this Statute.

(d) "Special General Meeting" shall mean the Meeting as specified in Section 22 of this Statute.

(e) "Board" shall mean the Executive Board of this Association existing for the time being.

(f) "Office Bearer" shall mean the Office Bearers of the Executive Board existing for the time being.

(g) "Working Year" shall mean the period of each year from the first day of the month of Shrawan (16 July)

(h) "Division" shall mean the division established pursuant to Section 17.

(i) "Branch" shall mean the Branches of Association opened in various of the Country.

(j) "Pharmacologist" shall mean Pharmacist and "Medical Science" shall mean Pharmaceutical Sciences.


This Association shall be completely scientific and professional Association. It shall have no concern in political activities and collusion. This Association shall have the following objectives:

(a) To promote and develop education and knowledge pertaining to medicine.

(b) To communicate and develop education and knowledge pertaining to medicine.

(c) To provide opportunity to exchange academic ideas derived from the experience of research and training of medicine.

(d) To create an environment for the development of research of medicine in the country and to make them dynamic.

(e) To encourage such person who give contribution in national development through medicine and other subject pertaining to the same.

(f) To increase unity, brotherhood, etiquette and good faith between the pharmacists.

(g) To maintain the standard of qualification, efficiency and conduct of the persons engaged in pharmacy.

(h) To co-operate with Nepal Government and other concerned national and international agencies in order to improve use, examine, research and development of science and especially of medical science, and to maintain higher standard of public health by utilizing efficiency and experience of pharmacists.

(i) To protect professional interests of the persons engaged in various sectors of medical science within the country and to operate creative activities and programmes for common interest of the members.

(j) To give priority for making contribution in public health by giving information to general public on appropriate use of medicine.

(k) To give proper contribution in development of public health by extending good faith and participation of other health workers.

(l) To keep contact with national and international professional agencies for the purpose of aforesaid objectives.

(m) To operate its own programmes having coordination with the concerned bodies subject to the prevailing laws and policies and directives of His Majesty's Government.