(a) The Association shall have the following Divisions but not limited to:

1. Medical Science and Research Division.

2. Industrial Pharmacy Division.

3. Health Service Division.

(b) The Division In-charge shall nominate three or four Members out of the members of the concerned Division in order to operate it. The Division In charge shall inform the name of Members so nominated by him to the Board.

(c) Member of the Association shall be a Member of one Division as per his will. In case any Member is interested to be a Member of the Divisions more than one, such Member may receive the membership after paying additional Division fee of Rs. 10/- per year.

(d) The Divisions may be altered as per necessity by adopting the resolution from the General Meeting.

Advisory Committee:

(a) An Advisory Committee shall be constituted under the chairmanship a former chairman, for a period of two years consisting of the following members:

1. A Chairman amongst the former Chairmen.

2. Three Members amongst the Honorary Members.

3. Seven Members amongst the ordinary Members.

(b) The Chairman shall nominate one Member amongst the Members in order to perform the functions of Secretary of the Advisory Committee

(c) Election of the Members shall be held open and secret voting in the General Meeting.

(d) The main function of the Advisory Committee shall have to advise for the progress and interest of the Association.

The Branches:

(a) In case it is desired to open Branch for fulfillment of the objectives of the Association, such proposed branch shall be required to form an ad hoc committee and required to submit an application before the Executive Board.

(b) The Board may grant approval on such application by holding consideration.

(c) The ad hoc committee shall be required to formulate the regulation for the operation of Branch Office subject to the Statute and required to submit, the same before the- Executive Board. Such regulation shall come into force having approval of the General Meeting.