Functions, Duties and Power of the Board

Even though the General Meeting, the Supreme Body of the Association, shall have the power to issue directives and formulate policies of the Association, the Board shall have the following functions duties and powers to perform the functions of the Association:

(a) To perform executive and administrative works to be necessary for the implementation of all policies and programmes as per the provisions set-forth in this statutes and as per the directives of the General Meeting

(b) To control over the properties and funds of Association and to expend the same subject to the limitation of the powers conferred by the General Meeting if it deems necessary to do so for the accomplishment of the objectives.

(c) To form sub-committees consisting those Members to whom it deems appropriate and to delegate its own powers to them.

(d) Provided that such sub-committees shall be fully responsible to the Board and remain till the Board deems necessary.

(e) To formulate necessary Rules and Bye-laws to make arrangement of internal works and to hold meeting, for the interest of the Association and to table the proposal before the General Meeting to implement, amend and cancel them.

(f) Provided, that such Rules shall be deemed to ipso facto be inactive incase they are, inconsistent with any Section of the Statute or contrary to the spirit of the Statute.

(g) To appoint the necessary employees for the Association, and control and retire them. To fix their remuneration and the terms and conditions of their service.

(h) To table a proposal to the General Meeting to provide the honor of patron to a person or agency who make available the lump-sum amount of Rs. 50,000/- or more than the same to the Association as donation.

(i) To table a proposal to the General Meeting to provide the honor of honorary patron to the person who make significant contribution in the field of medicine if the Board deems so necessary.

(j) To prepare budget, annual report and the agenda (no confidence motion, as well) of the Association to be submitted to the annual General Meeting.

(k) To nominate any Member or Members as a representative on behalf of the Association for the national and international symposium, conference, meeting, etc.

(l) To nominate the Office-bearer out of the office bearers of the Board to the post to be fallen vacant in the Board. The term of office of so nominated members shall be only for remaining tenure of the Board. The number of such nominees shall not exceed one third number of the total membership of the Board. Incase the tenure of the Board remains more than one year and the Board considers so necessary, the election may be held for the vacant posts for the rest tenure by fulfilling the procedure of election.

(m) To represent the Association.

(n) Incase Association receives any research oriented project; the Board may designate any Member or the group of Members to perform such work.

(o) To appoint appropriate Member out of the newly elected members of Executive Board to the post of Division In-charge.

Functions, Duties and Powers of Office Bearer:

(a) Chairman:

1. To give leadership the Association.

2. To chair the meeting of Executive Board and General Meeting and to exercise casting vote in case of tie in such meeting.

3. To implement and cause to be implemented the decisions of the General Meeting and the Executive Board.

4. To give directions to the Secretary General to convene the General Meeting and the meeting of Executive, Board to be held from time to time.

5. To exercise other powers as specified by this Statute.

(b) Vice -Chairman:

1. To perform the functions being an officiating Chairman in case the Chairman becomes absent or he is unable to perform the works by any reason or his post is fallen vacant.

2. To perform the functions as delegated by the Chairman out of his functions, duties and powers.

3. To assist the Chairman in the functions pertaining to the public contact and organization.

(c) Secretary General:

1. To convene the Meeting of the Board by holding consultation with the Chairman.

2. To implement and cause to be implemented the decisions of the Board under general supervision of the Chairman.

3. To maintain the records of the documents of the General Meeting and the Executive Board of the Association and keep them safely.

4. To correspond on behalf of the Association.

5. To certify order, decision and documents of the Association.

6. To submit report on behalf of the Board.

7. To maintain records of the 'Members of the Association.

8. To perform other functions as prescribed in the Statute.

9. The Secretary General may delegates any of his duties and powers to the Joint Secretary for a certain period after obtaining permission of the Chairman.

d. Joint Secretary:

1.To act as officiating Secretary General incase the Secretary General becomes absent by any reason or he is unable to perform his functions or post of Secretary is fallen vacant.

2.To exercise powers as delegated by the Secretary General.

3.To assist the Secretary General staying in close contact with him.

e. Treasurer:

1.To bear all obligations pertaining to the fund and account of the Association.

2.To operate the Cheque with joint signature of the Secretary General and Treasurer to expend for the Association as per the directives of the Board or the Chairman.

3.To maintain exact account of income and expenditure of the Association.

4.To keep records of kinds and goods of the Association.

5.To recover the amount and fee to be recovered on behalf of the Association.

6.To present the budget and report including the details of annual income and expenditure to the General Meeting on behalf of the Board.

7.To pay the amount for expenditure to be borne by the Association and salary of the employees from time to time.

8.To keep the petty cash not exceeding one thousand rupees for the casual expenditure.

9. Incase of necessary to delegate some powers to the Co-Treasurer by obtaining permission of the Chairman.

f. Co-Treasurer:

1. To act as officiating Treasurer incase the Treasurer becomes absent by any reason or he is unable to perform functions or post of Treasurer is fallen vacant.

2. To give necessary assistance to the Treasurer.

3. To exercise powers as delegated by the Treasurer.

g. Division In-Charge Members:

1. To develop and promote professional and scientific aspects of the concerned Division and to bear responsibility.

e prevailing laws and policies and directives of His Majesty's Government.