Membership Type Fee Structure

Life Membership NRs. 1050/-

Ordinary Member NRs. 150/-

Associate Member Student NRs. 150/-

Foreign NRs. 550/- or US$10

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Members of the Association:

The General Meeting shall have the following members:

(a) Honorary Member:

The Association may give honorary membership to indigenous and expatriate person who have given significant contribution in the profession of pharmacy.

Provided, that the said persons shall have no right to vote.

(b) Life long Member:

Person who is eligible for the ordinary membership and who paid the required

fee for membership as prescribed in the Rules.

(c) Ordinary Member:

Indigenous person (Nepali Citizen ) who has attained Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, or who has attained the honor of Master Degree in Pharmacy or Doctorate by attaining Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy from a University and who has attained such qualifications with regard to the University who awarded the honor of the Master Degree directly in pharmacy shall be required.

(d) Co- Member:

Indigenous student studying in Bachelor level in Pharmacy in recognized University and expatriate person who are illegible for ordinary member. Provided, that Co-Member shall have no right to vote and to participate in election.

Procedure, Membership:

(a) Person who has attained the qualification for membership shall be required to submit an application for membership in the format as specified by the Board. The Board may select the members or refuse to give membership, in its discretion on such application. In case the Board decides to give membership, the Secretary General shall register the name of applicant in the registration book of membership and give certificate of membership by collecting necessary fee from the applicant.

(b) The Board may table a proposal in General Meeting indicating that a person is eligible for honorary member and such person shall be granted honorary membership after the General Meeting approved such proposal. Honorary member shall not be required to pay any kind of fee.

Fee, Membership:

(a) Provisions on fee for membership shall be as prescribed in Rules.

(b) Members shall be required to pay annual fee within the month of Chaitra (March/April) of each working year. The Honorary and lifelong Members shall not be required to pay such fee. Incase any Member has to go out from country for the period more than one working year by any reason and incase he gives such information to the Board in writing, and if the Board, so desires, pursue his membership for such period without requiring fee. Provided, that such Member shall not be entitled to consume the facilities of the Association.

Duties of Members:

Members shall have the following duties:

(a) To perform the works in the interest of the Association and profession.

(b) To hold conduct in compliance with the code of conduct formulated by the Association.

(c) To pay all fees to be paid to the Association in time.

(d) To make known to the Board about the works beneficial to the Association.

Termination of Membership:

(a) The Board may terminate the membership of any Member in the following circumstances:-

(1) If he/she gives resignation from the membership.

(2) If he/she has not paid the fee for two consecutive years.

(3) If he/she has been expelled from the Association pursuant to sub-section (b).

(4) If he/she has been convicted as a offender on criminal offence involving moral turpitude.

(b) In case the Board seems that any Member of the Association has performed works contrary to the interest of the Association, the Board shall have the power to suspend such member. The proposal of suspended Member from the dismissal of membership shall be required to be tabled on the next successive General Meeting. The membership of such Member shall be dismissed by the majority General of Meeting.

Provided, that such Member shall not be deprived from reasonable opportunity to defend in his behalf in General meeting.

Re-Entry into Membership:

The Board may provide membership once again to the person whose membership was terminated by following the procedure pursuant to Section 8. But such person shall be required to pay all amounts to be paid to the Association. Person whose membership was terminated by getting expelled shall be required to meet the following additional requirements:

(a) The period of at least one year from the date of getting expelled shall be required to complete

(b) He/She shall be required to submit a letter of apology to the Board