Dear Pharmacist Friends,

Here we are back again with the 4th issue of Newsletter. With your kind support we have been able to reach to this stage and of course, we are very much thankful to you. We are optimistic of your continued support in the days to come.

It's good news that finally Pharmacy Council has become a reality in Nepal. We all are more than happy to hear this. We do have very high hopes out of Council. The number of Graduate pharmacists is increasing each day. It's a good news for GPAN as our strength increases with addition of each new member provided they feel for the growth of GPAN . But the other side of coin is, it also means soon, there will be an acute shortage of employment for pharmacists and practically, this symptom has already started to appear. GPAN is very much concerned to realize this alarming situation and ready to do everything possible to mitigate this situation. However, at this stage, it can only advise the newcomers to diversify their scope of employment and jump into newer and newer fields.

At this very outset, the proposed 3 months orientation course, to be organized again by Nepal Chemist and Druggist Association (NCDA), if comes into reality, will have a tremendous adverse impact in the profession of pharmacy in all aspects. GPAN has vehemently opposed in written to Department of Drug administration, DDA. GPAN also requests all the members to oppose in their own way. We should stop this at any stage, and show our unity.

AGM NEWS,2057 (2000)

GPAN's Fourth Annual General Meeting was held on 3rd Ashad, 2057 at the assembly hall of the Department of Drug Administration (DDA), Kathmandu. Phr. Anand Dev Shrestha was the Main personality of the meeting. The other dignitaries present were Phr. Dr. Asfaq Sheak, Director and Chief Drug Administrator , DDA; Mr. Pradeep Jung Pandey, President, Association of Pharmaceutical Producers of Nepal (APPON); Mr. Heera Sharma, Vice President of Paramedical Association; Mrs. Rita Pokhrel, Vice President of Nepal Nursing Association and Prof. Surendra Kafle, Dean, Science faculty, Kathmandu University, the Chief Guest

The program was divided into three sessions.

The president of GPAn, Phr. Ajudey Prasad Shrestha, chaired the first session, covering mainly the AGM activities. The program started with the breakfast and registration of the members, which was followed by self-introduction of the participants. Phr. Dr. Kalpana Srivastava, Executive members of GPAN, welcomed all the members and gueats present in the function. Then, General Secretary of GPAN Phr. Madhav Parajuli presented Annual Report on activities carried out by GPAN and the Treasurer Phr. Shikha Joshi presented the financial report of GPAN. The floor of 53 participating pharmacists unanimously passed both the reports. Mr. Basudev Gyawali was re-nominated as the auditor of the association for the fiscal year 2057/58 and his salary was increased from Rs. 1500/- to 2000/-per annum. At the end of the first session, Chairman of AGM and President of GPAN, Phr. Ajudey Prasad Shrestha, addressed the gathering.

Then started the second session, the technical session, chaired by Phr. Dr. Asfaq Sheak, Chief Drug Administrator and Mr. Pradeep Jung Pandey (Co- Chairman), President, Association of Pharmaceutical Producers of Nepal (APPON). In this session, Phr. Jaya Bir Karmacharya delivered talk program on "Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comparative Study of Companies in Nepal & Thailand." There was active participation from the audience side with lots of relevant questions related to Nepalese context. Phr. Radha Raman Prasad, advisory of GPAN, was the rapporteur of session. The talk program had been very timely as it is high time for full implementation of GMP practice in pharma industries of Nepal too.

The third session started with miscellaneous activities and was chaired by the Main Personality, Phr. Anand Dev Shrestha. Initially, there was prize distribution ceremony. The Main Personality Phr. Anand Dev Shrestha gave away GPAN medal to the topper of B.Pharmacy Examination of KU & certificatesto the life members of the association. Phr. Anand Dev Shrestha gave away Letter of Appreciation to Pfizer and National Health Care asthe major sponsors of AGM last year and this year, respectively and to top 3 advertisement collectors of last year, Phe. Ajudey Prasad Shrestha, Phr. Gajendra Bahadur Bhuju & Phr. Madhav Parajuli. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest of the program Prof. Surendra Kafle, Dean of Science faculty, K.U. appreciated GPAN's efforts. Finally, Vice President of GPAN, Phr. Gajendra Bahadur Bhuju presented vote of thanks to all the members, guests and support. Lunch was provided at the end of the third session