(a) Honorary Member:

The Association may give honorary membership to indigenous and expatriate person who have given significant contribution in the profession of pharmacy.

Provided, that the said persons shall have no right to vote.

(b) Life long Member:

Person who is eligible for the ordinary membership and who paid the required fee for membership as prescribed in the Rules.

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(c) Ordinary Member:

Indigenous person (Nepali Citizen ) who has attained Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, or who has attained the honor of Master Degree in Pharmacy or Doctorate by attaining Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy from a University and who has attained such qualifications with regard to the University who awarded the honor of the Master Degree directly in pharmacy shall be required.

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(d) Co- Member:

Indigenous student studying in Bachelor level in Pharmacy in recognized University and expatriate person who are illegible for ordinary member. Provided, that Co-Member shall have no right to vote and to participate in election.